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Hermione as Maneke Neko (32 x 16) oil on
The Shy Guy (10 x 8) oil on canvas.jpg
Kitten In Wicker (5 x 7) oil on canvas.j
After the Critique (12 x 12) oil on canv
"Hermione as Maneki Neko",  2017, oil/linen
"The Shy Guy", 2018, oil/canvas, 10x8
"Kitten In Wicker", 2018, oil/canvas, 7x5
"After The Critique", 2018, oil/canvas, 12x12
Sassafras (12x12) oil onlinen.jpg
Quite Intensely Tabby (9x12) oil on canv
Mr. Brown (6x6) oil on canvas.jpg
Feline Undercover (8x22) oil on
"Sassafras", 2018, oil/linen, 12"x12"
"Quite Intensely Tabby" 2018, oil/canvas, 9"x12"
"Mr. Brown" 2018,  oil/canvas, 6"x6"
"Feline Undercover",  2018, oil/linen, 8"x22"
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