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These are "Bookshelf Melodramas" using cat props in still life arrangements usually involving quirky humor.  Cousins of my scarydoll paintings.

El Gato Muerto (9 x 12) oil on
"El Gato Muerto", 2017, oil on linen, 8x10
White Cat Adopted by Gnomes (8x10) oil o
"White Cat Adopted By Gnomes", 2018, oil on linen, 10x8
Olga and the Russian Cats (8 x 10) oil o
"Olga and the Russian Cat", 2017, oil on canvas, 8x10. Sold
Princess Hime and the Lion (8x10) charco
"Princess Hime and the Lion", 2017, charcoal /canvas, 8x10 (unfinished)
Mildred and the Very Black Cat (20 x 9)
Overlapping Holidays (10 x 11) oil on li
"Mildred and the Very Black Cat", 2018, oil on canvas, 20x9
"Overlapping Holidays", 2018, oil on linen, 10x11
North Pole After Dark (10 x 8) oil on li
"North Pole After Dark", 2018, oil on linen, 8x10
Meeting His Friends (8 x 10) oil on canv
"Meeting His Friends", 2017, oil on canvas, 8x10
Paging Holly Hungett (8x10) oil on linen
"Paging Holly Hungett", 2018, oil/linen, 8x10 
Rat-a-tat-Tut (10x8) oil on linen.jpg
"Rat-a-tat-Tut", 2018, oil/linen, 8x10 
Rescue In Progress (14 x 11) oil on line
"Rescue In Progress", 2018, oil on linen, 14x11
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